The Most Common Type and Design of Bass Guitar

The bass guitar, sometimes called the low-pitched electric bass or acoustic bass, is arguably the lowest-pitched member of the musical instrument family. It is quite similar in structure and look to an acoustic or electric guitar, but with a much shorter neck and scale length, as well as typically only four to six frets. Its use on rock and roll and blues music, popular for its thick, soulful sound, makes it very recognizable. Many bass players use their low-pitched bass guitar during riffs and licks because of its rich harmonic and melodic tones. Its distinctive sound has made it a highly prized instrument among musical performers and fans.

bass guitar

No More Mistakes With Bass Guitar

Although the instrument has a shortened neck and relatively short scale, the bass guitar retains much of its traditional structure and design. The bass guitar’s body, which is also shortened compared to other instruments in its family, is made of a steel or aluminum neck with a glued-on wooden headstock and tuning heads attached. It has a thick neck joint and a glued on fingerboard and comes complete with strings, switch mechanism, pickguard, electronics, bridge, tremolo tailpiece, and knobs and slides. A standard bass guitar has only three to five frets.

Octave lower guitars are commonly used by lead guitarists because the instrument is easier to play in a group setting because its octave lower frequencies can be easily heard over the melody of another instrument. The most common type of octave lower bass guitar is the Fender Stratocaster, which has a neck made of a single piece of wood and a shallowly turned neck plate. Some common types of these guitars include the Explorer, the Martin D-35, the Mastery Electric Lead guitar, the Vintage Stratocaster, and the Gibson Flying V.

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