Review of the FLATA Bar Road Bike by Specialized Bikes


There is a new lightweight mountain bike that is quickly gaining popularity in the UK and even around the world, the FLATA BAR ROAD Bike. This new model has been created by the same company that makes the super lighter mountain bike called SuperSix. The flat BAR Road Bike weighs about 11lbs which is half the weight of some competing brands such as Specialized and Giant. This means that you can easily move around using this bike as if it was a light mountain bike.


You will find that the FLATA BAR ROAD Bike is similar to many road bikes in that it features a sleek and modern design, the wheels are relatively small compared to other competing brands. This bike also uses a patented hub that is geared to provide the smoothest and quietest peddling performance around your garden or farm. Another great feature on this bike is that it uses hydraulic brakes that give it great stopping power and allows the rider to stay pedal pedaling for a longer period of time. This means that you do not have to put in too much effort to stop the bike. All in all, this is a great bike that is designed specifically for the outdoors and anyone looking for a lighter mountain bike that is strong, well-built, and comfortable can’t go wrong with this one.


In conclusion, I believe that you should take a look at the FLATA BAR ROAD Bike as soon as possible. This is a wonderful cross country road bike that features a smooth riding feel while maintaining a sleek design that makes it easy to ride. When you want a mountain bike that is light weight but strong and comfortable, you cannot go wrong with this one.

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