What Are EPGs?What Are EPGs?

The ERP/EPG Group provides its client companies with the essential information about their present and future requirements, which can be used to make strategic decisions. It is very important for a company to analyze the present requirements and make effective use of them while designing the ERP solution for their organization. Today, ERP has evolved as one of the most important business applications that can improve the productivity of a company by providing an integrated set of tools and services to enhance the overall business process. As compared to the traditional ERP systems, ERP software offers more benefits as it helps in reducing the cost involved in running the enterprise system.

EPG: Logistics Solutions Provider of Supply Chain

“On the ground at 14 worldwide locations, the EPG Group’s committed and permanent staffing, healthcare experience and payroll solutions are powered by HCM Technology which helps keep you up to date and delivers comprehensive global workforce analytics for quick decision making.” According to Frost & Sullivan, “The spinco application is a vital tool for recruiting and hiring on both a local and international level. It helps in real time management of candidates which may not be immediately available. The spinco application helps in recruiting and hiring by collecting data on all candidates through a database. The data collected from the application includes such factors as name, designation, contact information, salary and position history, skills and experience, location and the number of times they have appeared for previous job openings.” Furthermore, Frost & Sullivan added that since delivers “finite benefit coverage and significant cost reduction.”

On the other hand, the affiliates or the similar group means that the employees who have been contracted for work within a particular segment will be provided with training materials relevant to the segment and a marketing material and informational brochure. The spine or the affiliated group means that the EPG will be provided by an independent service provider who will be paid for providing these services. The spinco is often the same as the affiliate group. However, the affiliates offer training services to the organization as well. The spine provides similar services to that of the affiliate group. The spinco section 1504(c) of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act provides that “an employer who employs twenty or more employees for a calendar year must provide eligible employees, their employers, and the employee’s dependents with written notice regarding the application of an EPG.”

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